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Dibri Nsofor
2 min readAug 17, 2021

I'm the fun guy.

My name is Dibri, and I’m making it up as I go, and my only constant is the desire is to build something enduring and meet talented people who aren’t afraid to be curious and kind.

Here are some of the things I’m curious about:

In no particular order. heavily inspired by Emmanuel Quartey’s Blog but also not.

web3: highly intrigued and enjoying reading articles and watching videos. still a n00b; i don’t think anyone can say they fully understand all of the theory behind it and its full extent. I am curious to learn how it can make my life better as opposed to building surface level tools just for bragging rights. (I was about to go off on a tangent about how crypto is not what developers think it is in 2021.)

data: I almost halfway through a data science course and it has been eye opening. finding ways to make accessible information understandable to non technical people is a prime goal for me atm. I have also enjoyed scrolling through r/dataisugly and just learning how to make data make sense. Also, realizing how much data big tech has, how it affects me and the potential good that could be done with it.

dystopian african architecture: over the past year I have been curating a pinterest board of what I imagine post apocalyptic architecture will look like, from the buildings made with sustainable/renewable materials, furniture, interior finishing, and to communal living spaces (where I believe we will go once we are all fed up with living in over populated cities.) I don’t know if I am ready to share the board just yet but here’s Emmanuel’s blog about building his family home in Accra, it’s not similar but i really like how he’s documented the process so far. I want to understand how to bring these ideas to reality.

life outside university: I am finally done with undergrad and excited to see what comes next: work experiences, grad school, building new relationships, enjoying my time with my family and most importantly, self growth. I hope I don’t get let down.

fashun(high fashion and streetwear): corny af but yeh. I have spent the last four years learning about clothes through documentaries, looking through collections, trying to make my own clothes, curating @/sdotdee (not in use anymore) and studying how people relate to clothes and I am still very much interested in this. I still have so much to learn. I want to understand why and how certain pieces are made.

some other ones i would rather not explain: religion and spirituality.

these are just topics and ideas I am currently thinking about post undegrad while veraciously applying to entry level software engineering and data science roles.

Grace and Peace, fam